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orange, yellow, red tie dye button up light cotton jacket

100% cotton jacket, 3/4 length sleeves, hem at mid-thigh, mandarin collar, button front






BYTE me apron



“BYTE Me” –SOLD– $250

Intended to SHAKE UP the VIEWER and hold them at arm’s distance!! Materials: Retro computer parts, cast off electronics, women’s fish-net stockings, and make-up sponges embellish this black polyester APRON style garment.








Winged Cape
Original pattern designed from study of garment from 1880’s. Two-tones of 100% wool topper, lined with two-tones of 100% silk.

Winged cape –SOLD– $450

Two tone 100% wool, fitted cape

Styled after short capes worn in the late 1800s, this two-tone wool cape is lined with two-toned silk. Front has two buttons hand made from nuts from Indonesia that decorate the hidden snaps. Modern sleeve caps update style to present century. Pattern was designed after studying an extant cape housed at the UC Davis Design museum with special permission from the curator, Adele Zhang.



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